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The Giving Tuesday Bandwagon

Giving Tuesday is on Nov. 29th this year, just over a month away. However you feel about it, this global movement has built enough traction and awareness over the past decade that it’s a date every fundraiser needs to plan for, or plan around.

For the record, we like it! Here are three reasons why:

  1. It jump-starts year-end campaigns Would starting earlier result in more money raised for your year-end campaign? Yes. But in our experience Giving Tuesday is when small and medium-sized fundraising teams finally agree that the giving season is properly underway.

  2. It's another chance to show gratitude If you’re unconvinced Giving Tuesday is a viable opportunity to ask, then take the opportunity to send an earnest expression of gratitude. There are never enough of those.

  3. It's a testing ground for your “what if” ideas You’ve probably just spent the year brainstorming, pitching and refining ideas. What didn’t make the cut? What had everyone excited, but got shelved for some reason? Giving Tuesday might be just the chance to trot those out before your holiday train leaves the station.

You’ve got help out there if you need it. The official Giving Tuesday website is packed with toolkits and resources to start you off. And course, get in touch with us if you want some last-minute coaching, a creative review or copywriting help.

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Holly H. Paulin, CFRE and Brock Warner CFRE are the co-founders of Broccoli, and have over 30 years combined experience helping nonprofit fundraisers and charities do more. 

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