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Broccoli Day 1

We’ve got news!

It’s day 1 for Broccoli, a specialized consultancy for nonprofits created by Brock Warner and Holly H. Paulin. Telling the world is exciting, but most of all we’re excited to get to work.

The internet is overflowing with tips, tricks and hacks for online marketing nowadays, so we’re leaning into the one thing we know for certain – there’s no better marketing than to deliver great work consistently. Separately, we’ve done that for years. Today, we begin doing it together.

Not long ago, most organizations had what were called “offices”. These were big, fire-resistant boxes stacked full of little boxes, with even smaller boxes inside where we worked – usually, sharing our box. Stay inside your box (or another company’s box) long enough and you might get a bigger box. Sometimes we put slogans on the walls to remind each other why we were in the box, and what we should be doing in there.

Broccoli doesn’t have an office. But if we did, this is what we’d put on the walls:

  1. Our clients are always busier, smarter, and funnier. That doesn’t mean they don’t need some help occasionally.

  2. Let’s win, and help win. Deliver quality work, get paid for quality work, repeat.

  3. Be wary of cynicism. We’re motivated by ideas and opportunity, not by fear of failure.

  4. Resist short-term thinking. Let’s skate to where the cliché sports metaphor is headed.

  5. Keep good ones close. People, places, ideas, and opportunities.

  6. Build capacity, not dependency. Help clients do more, not give them more things to do.

  7. Everything changes. People, places, ideas, and opportunities.

  8. Leadership is Learning. We’ll never get to a point where there’s nothing left to learn.

  9. Be Connectors. We can’t/won’t do everything, but we can help find help.

  10. Show your work. Growth happens in the open air and sunlight.

If that resonates with you, please join us in Broccoli's journey from seedling to floret! Sign up for our email list to hear our latest musings a few times each month.


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Holly H. Paulin, CFRE and Brock Warner CFRE are the co-founders of Broccoli, and have over 30 years combined experience helping nonprofit fundraisers and charities do more. 

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