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Broccoli = Brock + Holly

(and over 30 years of combined fundraising expertise!)



Who We Are

Creative + Flexible.

Innovative + Practical.

Strategic + Experienced.


Broccoli is helping fundraisers and non-profit organizations do more. Inspire more donors. Help more people (and animals). Create a more equitable world. 


We are more than consultants. We are your partners and collaborators. We're big-picture thinkers who like to get down with the details, too. 

We love coming up with the big juicy ideas that are just right for your mission, your audiences, and your budget. We love building customized plans and projects that address your immediate needs today while keeping an eye on the future. And we love coaching you and your team to share our expertise and help you build your organization’s internal capacity.

Our Story

Colleagues and friends for many years, Brock and Holly have combined their decades of fundraising expertise and non-profit leadership to form Broccoli – a consulting firm specializing in providing customized strategies and solutions for non-profit organizations of all sizes and stages.

Our Vision

We want to help our clients change the world! And we do that by delivering great work, consistently.


To learn more about our vision and what we're working on and thinking about, visit our blog

Our Partners

Many of the social issues our clients are addressing are deeply linked to systemic racism and colonialism. We are not experts in equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, nor in anti-racism or anti-oppression training – in these areas, we’re the students, not the teachers.


We commit to ensuring experts with lived experience are leading this work with our clients, just as we commit to continue learning how to be more effective allies.



Personalized Strategy

Practical, achievable fundraising strategies to raise more money from individuals.


Whether your organization needs help setting up a new fundraising program, is looking to diversify revenue sources, or has an established fundraising program in need of a fresh perspective, Broccoli can help you build an effective, customized fundraising plan.

Integrated Campaigns

Your donors are multi-channel, so your campaigns should be, too.


At Broccoli, we delight in bringing your fundraising activities together into a cohesive campaign. We know how to connect with your prospects and donors using digital, direct mail, and more to inspire more annual, monthly, leadership, and legacy gifts. 


Emotional Storytelling

Sharing emotional stories brings donors closer to your cause – and boosts donor retention and giving!


With many years of successful fundraising copywriting experience, Broccoli can help you craft inspiring, emotional content for your appeals, website, stewardship and annual reports.

Coaching + Custom Projects

Do you have a promising fundraising team in need of coaching and skill development? Could you use a Digital Fundraising tune-up, a deep-dive analysis of your programs and results, or some feedback on your content and creative? Broccoli can provide affordable custom coaching and consulting to build your organization’s internal expertise and capacity.

 ... And More!

Contact us by email or using the form below with your question, project, or idea.


If we’re not the experts to help you, we’ll happily connect you with the folks in our network who are!



Deep Industry Knowledge

We've worked in small shops, huge institutions, and many in between. We've managed national programs and grassroots campaigns.


We're passionate about sharing our expertise in direct response and digital fundraising, monthly and legacy/planned giving, and strategic fundraising and communications with our clients.

Years of Experience

We're senior fundraisers with more than 3 decades of combined experience in the non-profit sector. 

As experienced professionals who are committed to lifelong learning ourselves, we bring strategic innovation and practical solutions to our clients every day.

Problem Solvers

We know firsthand the nuance and complexity that comes with operating or working in a charity. Board expectations, funding limitations, funder requirements and high turnover are just a few hurdles we know you have to jump over each day – because we've been there. 

Planting Seeds



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